Waste not Want not

A few of you have been saying that whilst you are getting into buying whisky you’re running out all too quick, well here are a few tips.

The first is try and have a few bottles on the go at the same time, this may sound pricey but it stop you running out of your favorite booze. I personally have 5 single malts one blend and a bottle of Rum on the go at the moment, this means I can have a couple of drams of something nice then when I’m a bit tanked up I can move on to something a bit less special and so saving the expensive drinks for another time.

Also try cocktails, nothing fancy take one decent measure of a half decent blend, go for something like the Bailie Nicol Jarvie or Johnny Walker Black Label, add a small amount of Elderflower cordial and top up with ice and soda water or Ginger ale, or perhaps get a bottle of Bourbon too, I would recommend Buffalo Trace or Maker’s Mark which are both excellent on their own, with water or again as part of a cocktail mix.

I’m going to do a bit about Bourbon soon, it’s a wonderful drink and not to be underestimated (much like the power of Playstation I seem to remember) so hopefully you’ll pick up a few pointers.

I guess all I’m saying here is that You should savour your whisky, enjoy the complex flavours and style rather than savouring the first two then just drinking it for the sake of getting pissed. One thing I deeply regret is one night after a heavy session drinking most of a bottle of Dalmore Cigar Malt, a drink no longer on the market and one of my favorite all time whiskies, I was all over the shop before I started on it and what a waste.

The Captain.

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