Treasure Hunt

Recently I purchased a bottle of Aberlour cask strength for 36 pounds, before I purchased I called my friend and fellow whisky lover Sandy asking his opinion, well he was selling the same bottle for 4 quid more so of I rushed to make my purchase. The reason I mention this is that for a while now I’ve been noticing that a wide range of shops either don’t seem to realise what they’re selling or don’t care and I think that if you’re out and about looking for a bottle it’s well worth having a look around, here are a few examples.

So far on my little mini quest I’ve seen this for under 20 quid, which baring in mind it’s a steal at 25 makes this a real bargain.

I’ve also found this in both Peckhams and Victoria Wine for under 45, now this whisky is low stocks well regarded and is sold in some places for over 55 quid, so fill your boots.

Which in my local convenience store I’ve also come across Lagavulin for under 40 and the Macallan 10 yearold for a steal at 22.

These are just a taster of what’s out there, lot’s of offers in supermarkets and smaller local stores and you never know, you might find an old dusty bottle of a 40 yearold Dalmore or Tallisker 73 for a snip of the real value, so get hunting.

The Captain.

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