Next Event

After our first night at Oran Mor in Glasgow’s fashionable West End I was wondering what others thought of a change of venue? There are a few Whisky bars with a decent selection and I would like to know your opinions also the date.

The bars I’m thinking about are

1.Oran Mor
2.The Pot Still
3.Uisge Beatha

All easy enough to locate for everyone concerned, also with regards to the date I was thinking perhaps Sunday the 15th or perhaps Saturday the 21st? Anyway let me know your thoughts on the venues and the dates, I will need to arrange pipe bombs and ammo dumps in the toilets at least a week in advance.


The Captain.


  1. Uisge Beatha has great whiskys but has always annoyed me for various reasons.The seats can be as comfy as a brick sometimes, the bar staff can be arseholes and it can freeze the bollocks off of a polar bear when they decide not to turn the heating on. Never been in the Pot Still and the Oran Mor is fine because it’s generally full of smelly old men so thats my amazing opinion on it all!Cheerscraig


  2. Fair dos. I’m up for the Pot Still sometime, but it tends to get busy with post-work drinkers early evening, and is pretty small. I’m happy with Oran Mor again.


  3. How about the Ben Nevis on Argyle Street, or the Lios Mor on Dumbarton Road? Good pubs both for the winter months, what with their roaring fires and whisky smorgasbords. The latter is handier perhaps, as it is right next to Kelvinhall tube station.Kearney


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